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Senior Analyst & Publisher Danny Deadlock has over thirty years of experience researching Canadian stocks with a market cap below $300 million. His focus is the TSX and TSX Venture exchange with companies that have an initial share price between 5 cents and $2. Industries include but are not limited to metals, minerals, oil & gas– countries are limited only by risk exposure.

Our record years were December 2008 to December 2010 when 108 companies were featured producing average gains of 115% on 102 companies while incurring an average 19% loss on only six.

The TSX Venture Composite Index represents the best companies on the exchange (across all sectors) and since the peak in 2011 is down 60% in two years. That same Composite index lost 29% betweenOctober 2012 and August 2013. By comparison during the past year, we featured 21 companies with 6 break-even, 12 gaining an average of 45% and 3 losing an average of 20%.

Our Top Gainers in 2013> 50% were: E.TSX 138% ,BXK.TSX 77% , EUO.TSXV 71%, MEI.TSXV 133%, and VCA.TSXV 250%

After more than two years of selling pressure, the micro-cap Canadian Stocks bottomed late June when gold collapsed. Valuations in the resource sector hit levels not seen in two decades and going forward we see tremendous opportunities in the higher quality companies. was the first advisory to publicly identify the serious breakdown in junior gold valuations (March 2011). Since that time we have tracked over 50 junior gold stocks (with a minimum 1 million proven ounces) to benchmark fair valuation within the industry. We are also the only newsletter that tracks 80 cash rich junior TSX & TSXV companies with almost $3 Billion in total cash.


Retail investor or full time money manager, your time is valuable and to properly research these small companies it takes a lot of time. We provide the personal benefit of more than 2000 hours of research per year for less than $9 per month.

MicroCap is your extra set of eyes and ears. You benefit financially from our decades of experience, full time research, and our large network of investors.


We monitor all the news released throughout the day by TSX & TSX Venture companies. This is used to identify short and long term micro cap investment opportunities. If it could move a stock short term, an alert is emailed to paid microcap subscribers.

We also monitor up to 300 companies from our own research, other newsletter writers, the media, and brokerage analysts. When they exhibit abnormal trading activity (signalling a possible shift in trend) an alert is also emailed.

Your paid subscription includes alerts + several new research reports per month on companies we believe will generate abnormally strong capital gains over a period of three months to one year. These are typically overlooked by the investment community and significantly undervalued.

Canadian Penny Stocks on the TSX stock exchange and the TSX Venture have been our focus for decades. In Canada the TSX and TSX Venture Exchange would be deemed the Canadian National Stock Exchange of choice for publicly listed companies and publicly traded companies including listed penny stocks. Canadian stocks cover many industries and sizes. These include blue chips, micro-cap stocks, small cap stocks, and penny stocks that are often dominated by high growth oil stocks, gold stocks, and silver stocks.

In Canada we don’t have an OTCBB or pink sheet exchange but the TSX stock exchange and TSX Venture provide far better penny stock alternatives with far less risk. This is particularly evident when it comes to the high risk, high reward oil stocks and penny gold stocks. Penny stocks on the Canadian stock market are associated with cheap stock trading but this does not cheapen the quality of the company or take away from the high growth potential. Some of the best penny stocks on the TSX and TSX Venture went on to become famous corporations employing thousands of people internationally.

For those investors seeking penny stock advice on investing, a stocks newsletter, equity research, financial advice, investment advice or an awesome investment newsletter, we would like to recommend subscribing to Microcap. Online since 1996 we have provided penny stock trading strategies, penny stock market analysis, and penny stock advice to investors and traders from dozens of countries – not just Canada. We cannot call ourselves the best investment newsletter but we do feel we provide awesome stock research, some of the best penny stock picksandhigh quality stock research.

The Microcap Canada penny stocks newsletter provides market tips, advice, alerts, tsx market analysis, tsx venture trading strategies, and both long term and short term stock picks. Our penny stock analysis and tips offer some of the best advice in Canada if your goal is to succeed with Canadian Stocks on the TSX and TSX Venture. Penny stock newsletters with a focus on Canada are difficult to find (and trust) and even fewer will provide the same tips, advice, and alerts as

Penny stock research is our full time passion and we maintain a high moral standard with all our TSX market tips, advice, alerts and overall market analysis. Our penny stock newsletter is based in Alberta

Canada and we have investor networking contacts around the world that also share the same penny stocks passion and do great equity research. You can view part of this network by visiting the LinkedIn profile for Danny Deadlock (Microcap Publisher).

We thank you for visiting our penny stock website and believe strongly that you would benefit from our stocks newsletter. Our alerts, advice and tips have made a lot of investors and traders a lot of money over the years and we have kept our penny stock newsletter cost down to a very affordable level. If you are interested in TSX stocks and the TSX venture we feel confident this is a smart one year investment.


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