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Welcome to MICROCAP

3d illustration of leadership conceptJoin our private group of microcap speculators who gain Exclusive email access to short term trading opportunities and comprehensive research on high quality Canadian Penny Stocks (micro cap stocks).

As you may have seen on our Twitter page, our public audience has grown very large but we carefully control the size of our paid subscription base so that subscribers have every opportunity to research a stock well before the rest of the herd. Members get professional research and short term alerts that the public never see and if they do, our subscribers receive the information well in advance.

The free MicroCap newsletter is published on the 1st of each month and the $165 version is published an average of twice a week (new research and updates). I also invite you to join our large audience on Twitter.

The MicroCap newsletter covers metals, minerals, tech, and energy (countries are limited by risk exposure).

Track Record Q2/13 to Q1/14 (minor losses on 3 companies)

  • PMV.T (gold) – takeover and 60% gain
  • VTR.V (gold) – takeover and gains of 75% to 250%
  • ORG.V (gold) – 38% gain
  • ELR.T (platinum) – 40% gain
  • PRU.T (gold) – 55% gain
  • GMA.V (rare earths) – 175% gain and as high as 300%
  • PIE.V (social media) – 225% gain and as high as 380%
  • QXP.V (oil & gas) – 100% to 200% gains
  • TPN.V (oil & gas) – 85% gain
  • ESP.T (tech) – 275% gain
  • LAB.V (online gaming) – 62% gain
  • EIL.T (engineering) – 50% gain
  • LXV.V (social media) 230% gain and as high as 400%
  • EPK.V (potash) 70% gain

Our Record Years were December 2008 to December 2010 when 108 companies were featured producing average gains of 115% on 102 companies while incurring an average 19% loss on only six.



Retail investor or full time money manager, your time is valuable and to properly research these small companies it requires a lot of time. We provide the benefit of more than 2000 hours of research per year for less than $14 per month.

MicroCap is your extra set of eyes and ears. You benefit financially from our decades of experience, full time research, and our large network of investors.

We monitor all the news released throughout the day by TSX & TSX Venture companies. This is used to identify short and long term micro cap investment opportunities. We also monitor up to 300 companies from our own research, other newsletter writers, the media, and brokerage analysts.

Your paid subscription includes new research reports each month on companies we believe will generate abnormally strong capital gains over a period of three months to one year. These are typically overlooked by the investment community and can be significantly undervalued.

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