Benefits of the MicroCap Email Newsletter

You will belong to our family of micro cap speculators who understand the risks, but also the remarkable capital gain potential of high quality micro cap companies. Achieving this takes extensive experience, networking, and a significant amount of time doing research – your MicroCap membership provides this.  

Our Service Offers the Following:

  • High Growth micro cap companies that are often very under-valued and overlooked.
  • Benefit from Decades of Micro Cap Experience & Networking
  • Diversification: Metals Exploration / Energy / Tech / Life Sciences
  • A proven history of success backed by honesty and integrity
  • Independent & Unbiased Research. No Association or Compensation
  • Average 2 Email per week (new company research, updates or alerts)
  • Suitable for All skill levels of investor from Beginner to Professional
  • Initial Price Criteria: 5 cents to $2 and a Market Cap < $200 Million
  • No Hype or Promotion. Fundamentally solid companies with strong capital gain potential
  • Emphasis is on management, strong balance sheets, and high growth business models or discovery

We monitor all the news released throughout the day by TSX, TSX Venture, and CSE listed companies. This is used to identify short, mid and long term micro cap investment opportunities. In addition, we track >100 companies from our own research, other newsletter writers, the media, and brokerage analysts.   


Over the course of 15 years, Danny Deadlock assembled a list that tracks (in the media) more than 200 of the world's top fund managers, portfolio strategists, analysts and economists - all of whom manage billions of dollars or provide advice to wealth managers who do. Many speak at conferences that are exclusive to very high net worth investors or charge thousands of dollars to attend. This is a very valuable and exclusive list that (from what we can find) is not available "anywhere" else.

Throughout the week we filter through hundreds of media articles where these professionals are quoted and each weekend we summarize the best (and most relevant) information that can be used for overall portfolio / wealth management - whether that is related to microcap stocks or pension planning.

This bonus report is emailed by Sunday evening.


Penny stocks in general are high risk but we take this risk VERY serious and work hard to find stocks that provide the greatest Risk/Reward leverage.

We are looking for strong management, building real companies. We uncover opportunities others may be missing and help our subscribers avoid higher risk companies. We provide a low cost, valuable set of extra eyes and ears – a large network of International investors to share insight, ideas and rumours. 

Our mandate is simple - to make our subscribers money. This leads to long term success and is the reason we have a loyal long term following of International investors.


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Note for American and Overseas Residents Buying Canadian Listed Stocks:

If you are interested in trading Canadian Equities, the common feedback we receive is that ETrade is the best alternative. They are able to buy directly on the Canadian Exchange and commission is in the range of $20. When buying these stocks from the United States or Overseas, we strongly advise against buying Canadian listed micro cap stocks through the OTC or Pink Sheets as liquidity is poor and volatility is extreme.

Another good alternative may be: