Peer Valuation Table for Canadian Listed Cannabis Stocks

November 2018, BMO analysts estimated the global Cannabis market (within seven years) could be worth almost $200 Billion annually. The Canadian market is estimated at $6 Billion for 2019.

Near the 1st and 15th of each month, I will post an update to these valuations. Snapshots of the table will be displayed below for the most recent version. To be notified when the table is updated, join me on Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter - URL shown below or on the MicroCap website.


Important Notes to our Valuation Table:

  • Cash and shares outstanding excludes any financings completed since last financials were released.
  • Financings occur between financial reporting periods & warrants are continually being exercised - financials and shares outstanding are a moving target.
  • When the next financials are released, Cash positions may change significantly as capital is being utilized for new Buildings and Equipment.
  • Cannabis companies are "creative" in accounting for biological assets (cannabis) - don't rely upon Net Income / Loss shown below - dig into financials yourself.
  • These tables are for benchmarking purposes only. Very reliable for the most part - but reporting net income / loss was notably frustrating at times.
  • Adjusted Book Value = Cash/AR/GIC - Debt + Inventory + Bldg & Equipment (excludes Goodwill / Intangibles & Long Term Investments).
  • Price to (Adjusted) Book Value: Higher in this industry because investors are assuming high future growth (Facebook for example trades at approx. 7x Adjusted Price to Book).


A more legible version of our valuation table is available as a PDF from the Blog HERE. There is also a second PDF available that sorts the companies by Price to Adjusted Book Value (PABV).

Last Updated: April 15, 2019

Sorted by Descending Enterprise Value (EV)

As the above snapshots are difficult to read, I suggest using the original PDF file as you can zoom in for better clarity. That is available on the BlogHEREThere is also a second PDF available that sorts the companies by Enterprise Value (EV).

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