>> I am sixty seven and find your service a tremendous benefit to me. You have more character than anybody I have encountered in this business. Even the greats, when they screw up, they lie about it, back date their history orally, and shift the shapes so they are flawless. I love your honesty and you’re a man strong enough to fully admit his mistakes. A rare gem in a field of stones. I love the fresh candidness with which you write. Your own inimitable style which unconsciously instills a sense of trust due to your inherent character strengths. The blank page is simply space upon which we write our unconscious.  [Andy, retired U.S. Navy Pilot]

>> I just thought I’d thank you for your great newsletter. It is by far the best bang for the buck out there. Keep up the good work.  [Jeff F]

>> I wanted to send to a note to thank you for all your hard work and diligence. I am new to all this, and this is the only game I have found with more stats than baseball – so your insights are invaluable to me. It is greatly appreciated. [Owen D.]

>> I have to say, I wasn’t completely sure that the newsletter I purchased off of you would be good or not! It was my first paid for Newsletter ever, so I think you can understand my skepticism. I paid for my Subscription on January 14th. I have profited by over 9X’s what I paid for my subscription so far, in less than 1 month. Of course, I’m just testing the waters of your recommendations, and I know I could have made more, but I’m fine tuning my individual strategy. Many thanks, and fell free to use my experience to explain to new subscribers the potential your newsletter has. If you need a recommendation, fell free to use me. I’ll highly recommend it!  [Peter B.]

>> I just wanted to let you know that last year you recommended Intrinsync Software T.ICS at $0.06. I sold ICS for .205. What a beautiful gain. Needless to say, I am very happy that I took your advice and purchased ICS. I know that not every stock you recommend we look at is going to perform this way, however I just wanted to thank you for providing such excellent information on the many undervalued picks that you alert your readers to.  [Michael A]

>> Hi Danny, not sure if I have missed a subscription renewal or what but I have just now realized that I have not been receiving any newsletters. I have been a subscriber since 1998 and definitely want to continue.  [district exploration manager – Newmont]

>> Hi Danny, I meant to tell you how great I think this write up is! I also have to relay a message to you from XXX:

….these are his words “I think Danny Deadlock is one of the best newsletter writers out there”. He means it too Danny, he says that you write “matter of fact”, you write unbiased and not afraid to write what you think and that you don’t write like you are “on the take” like a lot of others. He has a high regard and a great respect for you and your writing.  [Sandra H.]Great job in 2010…the new year is looking like the clouds are breaking. I was talking to a fund manager in the US the other day and he asked if I heard of you. Interesting…your name is starting to get known internationally! Hard work and great picks will do that.  [senior VP of a Vancouver brokerage.]

>> Thank you, Danny, for all your hard work, for some very good recommendations, and for your lively and informative comments. All very much appreciated.  [Brian H.]

>> Danny I just wanted to say thanks for all the awesome info you send me!!! helps me make some extra money to pay for my schooling.  [President , XX College Finance Club]

>> Danny, I really appreciate you filling me in on what’s happening. Even though we may lose money on this (and I have a sizable amount of this stock), your track record for picking winners is absolutely incredible! Thank you.  [Sid A] 

>> Danny well done on your picks. Despite Fabrice Taylor having a column in the Globe & Mail and getting on BNN TV because he lives in Toronto, you are a MUCH better stock picker. I lost a lot of money with his picks this past year, so this next year I am only sticking with your subscription service. [DAVE S.]

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