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  • Suitable for All Skill Levels of Investor from Beginner to Professional

  • Initial Price Criteria: 5 cents to $2 and Market Cap < $200 Million

  • No Hype or Promotion. Fundamentally Solid Companies with Strong Capital Gain Potential. Emphasis is on Risk Management and Unique, High Growth Business Models

  • No Advertising and No Compensation is Ever Accepted from Companies we Feature. We Follow them Because we Believe in their Growth Potential—Not Because Someone Paid us (a very common problem in this industry).


MicroCap Stocks are the highest risk equity class, but they also have a long history of producing Exceptional Gains

Our research via email is available by Paid Subscription Only (Subscribe HERE). Restricting the initial size of our audience to paid subscribers ensures that our members have exclusive and timely access to new research, recommendations, updates, and news. This ensures they are not competing with a larger audience on share price.

We have published Canadian equity research online since 1998. We leverage decades of penny stock experience with full time independent equity research, and utilize our network of investor / industry contacts to share ideas and insight with MicroCap subscribers.

We DO NOT accept compensation of any kind from public companies (or anyone associated with them). Our stock picks are chosen for their capital gain potential, NOT because we have been compensated for featuring them (a common problem in this industry - and something to always be cautious of).

Canadian listed companies do business around the world so we carefully monitor country risk.

Even in the toughest of markets we have generated substantial capital gains for our subscribers by managing risk first.

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